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There’s a subtle but important distinction between what 8tracks offers as compared with what or Pandora provide. I enjoy both and Pandora and have written about them in the past.  Both deliver a radio-style experience that is personalized based on one’s preferences, as captured explicitly (I enter the name of an artist) or […] launched its own ranking of top music sites, probably saving me a lot of work going forward. Helpfully, the new rankings also include the music subdomains on Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, and MSN. They’re still missing a few of the smaller sites, but I reckon they’ll add the others in due course. Upshot is that […]

Based on the definition of total attention in my last post, I thought it’d be interesting to rank the top 10 music sites. To do so, I multiplied “visits” by “pages/visit” (both per Assuming these numbers are accurate, the product is the total page views served up in a month and should give a […]

I wrote on Wed about the notion of “total attention” as a useful metric by which to evaluate music or other websites — but didn’t explain my thinking or actually run the numbers. As so many have written over the last decade, a large and growing proportion of GDP comprises products and services that are […]

I haven’t updated the music 2.0 rankings for quite a while. There’s some very cool (albeit legally questionable) new players on the horizon (Muxtape and Mixwit), and several existing sites have demonstrated serious growth (like Qloud, just acquired by Buzznet, and Jango, which seems to have come out of nowhere). This time round, I’ve dropped […]

Just a quick note:  from the graphs below — see my post from Dec 14th on the top 20 music 2.0 sites, including graphs that automatically update thanks to — it looks like imeem has begun its upward trajectory again and, coupled with another decline at PP, is now in the #1 position. Other […]

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of — it’ll be 2 years ago tomorrow since I first posted about it, and if I weren’t focussed on my own venture, there’s no place I’d rather be working. So yesterday’s announcement is definitely interesting: users of can stream any track up to […]

Just caught this on Digital Media Wire: Project Playlist Raises $3 Million for Social Music Sharing Submitted by Mark Hefflinger on September 26, 2007 – 7:31am. Beverly Hills, Calif. – Project Playlist, a service that lets users share music playlists on blogs and social network profiles, has raised $3 million in its first round of […]

That was a quick month – I’ve not been blogging much as just moved (from SF to NYC). The top 20 sites for July are below. Highlights: First down month for Project Playlist (summer vacation, I’d guess) Pandora jumped 37%, now ahead of — but both still trail iLike Also grew by > 1/3: […]

Hack 1: Use your Google account to host MP3s To share a track in your MP3 collection on your webpage (e.g. Facebook profile, WordPress blog), you need a server to upload the file to (or a server that already hosts that file). I’d been using YouSendIt for this purpose but a free account times-out after […]


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