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Just a quick note:  from the graphs below — see my post from Dec 14th on the top 20 music 2.0 sites, including graphs that automatically update thanks to — it looks like imeem has begun its upward trajectory again and, coupled with another decline at PP, is now in the #1 position. Other […]

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of — it’ll be 2 years ago tomorrow since I first posted about it, and if I weren’t focussed on my own venture, there’s no place I’d rather be working. So yesterday’s announcement is definitely interesting: users of can stream any track up to […]

I hadn’t updated my ranking of ‘music 2.0′ sites in 4 months (though the graphs themselves automatically update when embedded here) so thought it’d be useful to review.  Here’s the results for November, per Compete.  PP and imeem continue to lead the pack (see first graph below, #1-5) although have dropped considerably since last summer […]

I read FB’s announcement yesterday and thought it was mildly interesting: getting companies to create their own profiles on FB and then allowing them to place “Social Ads” next to feed entries that (organically) relate to a company’s product or service. Nice ideas but (1) the company-with-profile isn’t really a new concept, and (2) the […]

Just caught this on Digital Media Wire: Project Playlist Raises $3 Million for Social Music Sharing Submitted by Mark Hefflinger on September 26, 2007 – 7:31am. Beverly Hills, Calif. – Project Playlist, a service that lets users share music playlists on blogs and social network profiles, has raised $3 million in its first round of […]

That was a quick month – I’ve not been blogging much as just moved (from SF to NYC). The top 20 sites for July are below. Highlights: First down month for Project Playlist (summer vacation, I’d guess) Pandora jumped 37%, now ahead of — but both still trail iLike Also grew by > 1/3: […]

There’s some interesting changes this time round: – As expected, Project Playlist is now just shy of 8m users – iLike is now ahead of (1.6m to 1.4m) per Compete, clearly attributable to Facebook It’s late so I’ll refrain from further comment but here’s the charts: For some reason, next charts won’t work. Will […]

imeem + Warner


I’ve been pretty skeptical of the potential for a free, ad-supported model for on-demand streaming. There’s a lot of folks doing it these days — from Project Playlist and The Hype Machine (that link to existing files on the internet) to imeem and lala (that host content on their own servers). Of course, Rhapsody and […]

Hack 1: Use your Google account to host MP3s To share a track in your MP3 collection on your webpage (e.g. Facebook profile, WordPress blog), you need a server to upload the file to (or a server that already hosts that file). I’d been using YouSendIt for this purpose but a free account times-out after […]

Of my 5 reasons internet royalties suck, SoundExchange has now offered to address #4 and 5 for webcasters, arguably the two most egregious aspects of the CRB decision back in March. I’m not terribly surprised by this because these were truly show-stoppers for the sector. And it is an encouraging start. First, small webcasters. SX […]


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