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A VC: Pandora vs. Fred Wilson wrote yesterday about his preference for over Pandora. His reasoning and others’ comments on the post reflect a sort of divide amongst online music consumers over what approach provides the best means for music discovery. is an internet music service that employs a “myware” application to […]

Music & media: favorites, discovery, ventures & valuation Why invest time in a blog? I guess primarily so that I can wax poetic on subjects about which I’ve some level of knowledge (or at least interest). Even without an audience, I suspect this will be a useful personal record and good exercise in chrystalizing my […]

Day one


OK, I’ve been meaning to get my blog going for quite a while now. As my comp’d and largely unused TypePad account will be expiring soon, and I’m shamelessly eager to join the open source bandwagon on most fronts, I thought I’d give WordPress a try. So it begins…