Sigur Ros…and 3 years of iTMS


I've been posting to this blog sparingly and primarily for discussions around online music discovery. I'd like to start using this space increasingly to also highlight great music (well, music I like, as taste is subjective). To that end, one of my favorite bands of the last few years is Sigur Ros. I saw them for the first time here in SF in October 2002. I was blown away. It's pretty amazing as they must have 12-15 or more musicians on stage when they perform.

In any event, I'll be playing them this weekend in prep for their show in Marin on Monday. If you've never heard them, get ahold of ( ) — yes, those are parentheses, without anything in between — released in 2002. My favorites are still probably tracks 1 and 3. Which are known as, well, "Track 1" and "Track 3" ; )

This is also the first album I purchased on iTunes Music Store, within the first half hour after the announcement by Jobs at Moscone Center (as I live two blocks away) on April 28, 2003 — three years ago, today.


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