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There was a bit of buzz over the weekend regarding what is and isn’t Web 2.0, inspired by Lessig’s post that suggested YouTube didn’t really meet the requirements.  To a certain extent, this is a silly discussion.  But I agree wholeheartedly with Joi Ito’s comments on the topic, particularly: “One of the central themes of […]

Technorati announced that it is now supporting OpenID – all steps in the right direction.

OK, that’s a somewhat controversial title. Admittedly, I’m a big fan of social networks – as long as they serve a purpose. For the MySpace crew (despite claims of a large over-30 audience), it’s way to both express your individuality *and* show off your connectedness with a large group of friends (somewhat paradoxical but desirable […]

Amazingly, I didn’t realize this track was by Underworld (as I have much of their stuff). It apparently came out in ’93, at least a year before Born Slippy’s initial release and 3 years before the latter’s re-release on the Trainspotting soundtrack. I happened to download it from an MP3 blog I found on The […]

John Heilemann writes about The Hype Machine in the October issue of Business 2.0, following discussion of the service last summer by my ex-Live365 colleague Rags and Fred Wilson. I have to admit that while I’ve not been a big user of MP3 blogs in the past, it’s chiefly because of the very issue that […]