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Nearly a year ago now, I wrote my first substantive post on Sampled + Sorted, entitled “How best to discover?” Thanks to props from Rags Gupta and Fred Wilson, it’s without question the most-read post I’ve made to date. I still find the whole matter of music discovery more interesting than the actual sale (or […]

This track is a couple of years old but, alas, it’s hard to keep up on the West Coast (no offense, fellow SF readers, but it IS harder). The Knife has been coming up quite a lot on THM and on blogs, and I really like this track. Enjoy.

So maybe one of this year’s bonus recipients will buy the rooftop digs.

I posted yesterday re the value of services that connect people across different forms of social media to create a meta-network. Along with better versions of existing (or altogether new) socialnet features that enable content creation, management and sharing, such third-party offerings could undermine the value of the underlying networks. A related question, then, is […]

Fred Wilson at AVC has a good post about the role of MyBlogLog and in enabling connections across social networks (though I think the former plays a more important role in doing so than the latter). As I’d discussed wrt to MyBlogLog back in October, I believe this is the future of social media. […]



While I’m sure there’s still an active community out there who loves it (in fact, I know there is as I see it on occasionally), it’s a much maligned genre after moving from its largely underground phase in the mid-90s to the era of candy-coated, trite schlock like “Better Off Alone” in ’99. Nonetheless, […]

I’ve a bit of a music sharing backlog. I came across this track on The Hype Machine a day or 2 after it was recorded live on Seattle’s KEXP (90.3 FM). TV on the Radio was a favorite a couple of years back after one of the staff at Live365 introduced me to them. Staring […]