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From paidContent yesterday: Meanwhile, Universal Music Group’s eLabs president Larry Kenswil warned that the ”long tail” – the subject of Wired editor Chris Anderson’s book illustrating how the net leverages small but everlasting value in archive material – was not enough to make up the shortfall. “It’s an interesting catchphrase. Many more products will sell […]

Tom Ryan, a good friend and longtime digital music guy, has recently fired up a blog. Tom started a company called Cductive in 1996. Cductive was one of the earliest digital music offerings and focused to a significant degree on electronic music. I was a big fan as had moved back from London (arguably the […]

I’d heard rumors previously and it now looks to be confirmed. I think this purchase is a smart move for Yahoo (particularly at only $10m) although it’s not completely clear to me how (or whether) it will be directly monetized in the near-term. MyBlogLog certainly has demonstrated significant growth in a short period, in any […]

My new favorite band. They’ve gotten a lot of attention and I’m a little late to the game but their stuff is so good. This is prob the 4th track from them that I love. A bit disco-infused and gorgeous. Check it out.