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Selling MP3s


So Jobs, in an “open letter” — taking a cue from David Goldberg’s comments last year, among others — wants to sell (non-DRM’d) MP3s. My very first thought was, “why isn’t he doing this already for all content from copyright owners that will allow it?” Wired blogger Leander Kahney had the same thought.

Controversy (the album), released the year after Dirty Mind, got more creative in terms of themes, some of which worked, some of which did not. Some of which are pretty amusing. Controversy (the track) got limited radio play but is funky, catchy and very Prince. The album version of the track is my favorite from […]

His third album and by all accounts a masterpiece, Dirty Mind (the song and the album) ushered in the new decade with an entirely fresh sound. I love synth (hence my early appreciation for artists such as ELO, The Who and Manfred Mann and later appreciation for New Order and Depeche Mode) and this album […]

Prince = genius


I’ve had a lot of favorite musical artists over the years. At the risk of utter embarrassment, here is my list, in chronological order: Shaun Cassidy (hey, I was 7) Kiss (big shift, I realize) Electric Light Orchestra (‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ ruled) The Police Billy Idol Prince New Order …and then it all went […]