Prince = genius


I’ve had a lot of favorite musical artists over the years. At the risk of utter embarrassment, here is my list, in chronological order:

  • Shaun Cassidy (hey, I was 7)
  • Kiss (big shift, I realize)
  • Electric Light Orchestra (‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ ruled)
  • The Police
  • Billy Idol
  • Prince
  • New Order
  • …and then it all went Pete Tong (I got into electronic dance music and “nothing would ever be the same again”)

At some point, I’ll post on all of these. But Prince had some serious staying power. I got into Prince in 1983 — when I was 13 — when Little Red Corvette, 1999 and Delirious all charted in the States. I later went back and bought Dirty Mind and Controversy and kept on buying all subsequent releases up until Lovesexy in 1988. From 1983 until the release of New Order’s Substance in 1987, Prince was without question my favorite artist.

But there’s a lot of great Prince tracks that many have never heard (or at least never heard repeatedly on terrestrial radio). Inspired by Anil Dash’s Pre-Superbowl Prince Primer, I’ll be posting here over the next couple of weeks my top 10 favorites from the The Artist Formerly Known as a Symbol that did *not* receive significant radio play.


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