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Ok, I know I’ve 4 other reasons to get back to wrt the proposed CRB royalties.  Busy. But, I had to post re Ellen Allien.  I’m increasingly getting into the Berlin electrohouse and minimal stuff.  I guess I’ve liked these genres for a while now, primarily from checking out Earplug over last couple of years […]

In a negotiation class I took during b-school, we learned of the importance of the anchoring effect. The basic gist is that the first person to put forward a proposed number (price, quantity, revenue-share rate, whatever) often is able to “anchor” subsequent negotiation, creating a relatively higher or lower starting point and ultimately influencing the […]

Ok, I’m pretty annoyed now. And so I feel the need to outline — in 5 forthcoming posts — why I think the new royalties for internet radio are terrible for all concerned: listeners, webcasters, artists and even labels. I posted last weekend re the new royalty rates, handed down by the Copyright Royalty Board […]

New royalty rates for webcasters – those for “digital sound recording performances”, paid to an organization established by the RIAA called SoundExchange – were handed down by the Copyright Royalty Board on Friday. David Oxenford covers the decision on the Broadcast Law Blog. Key results: — Rates continue to be far too high (relative to […]

I’m a big fan of the the meta-network concept and it gets coverage in a story by Brad Stone in today’s NYT. I’m really interested in giving Ning another go now…