Jet by Ellen Allien + Apparat (2006)


Ok, I know I’ve 4 other reasons to get back to wrt the proposed CRB royalties.  Busy.

But, I had to post re Ellen Allien.  I’m increasingly getting into the Berlin electrohouse and minimal stuff.  I guess I’ve liked these genres for a while now, primarily from checking out Earplug over last couple of years (I first discovered my favorite artist of 2005, Vitalic, through it, for one).

I checked out Booka Shade at Mezzanine on Friday, and my friend Tom mentioned in passing that I should also check out Ellen Allien, whom I’d seen on my recommendations a while back.  So I downloaded last year’s Orchestra of Bubbles, and I offer here my favorite from the album, Jet.

Philip Sherburne agrees in his Pitchfork review:

 “Jet”, the album’s highlight, wants to have it all ways at once: a compact funk bass line below, misty pads on top, and then a nimbly twisting arpeggio that goes shooting through it all like a giant’s vine. A high-pitched, trombone-like sound melts like hot plastic from unseen heights, and everything feels at once within reach and incredibly far away. Readers of Alice in Wonderland will recognize this symptom as micropsia, which might make sense: Allien and Apparat have burrowed one of the most magical rabbit-holes you’ll explore this year.


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