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A bit off-topic but I’m annoyed. I’m a big fan of Apple. In years past, I’ve subscribed to .Mac though of late haven’t really seen much benefit. I noticed the annual charge came through on my bank account last week. No notice was given in advance, but I called Apple’s customer support team and they […]

I posted a week or 2 back about the biggest Music 2.0 websites. Some of the results were surprising. One of the biggest — imeem — is really a social network (as is, and I wondered how it stacked up against other social networking sites, which frequently also have some music component. So I […]

The original was one of my favorite tracks of 2006.  The Dead Horse EP that came out last month included this excellent remix.  I came across it prior to proper release via (once again) The Hype Machine, which led me to this post by Preston Craig. Despite a bad cold, I made it out for […]

Ok, I’m on a bit of a roll with posting this week so I’ll move on, at long last, to the 3rd of 5 reasons the new royalty rates suck. (As a side note, someone from Gizmodo nabbed my line but highlights 2 great points from Tim Westergren at Pandora, the second of which is […]

New trance


As the British press (or at least NME) hailed Klaxons and New Young Pony Club as the vanguard of New Rave last year, it seemed to me only natural that that most-disdained of electronic music genres – trance – would too rise again. As music and fashion seem to follow a roughly 20-year cycle, and […]

I’m sure many readers will have heard the news yesterday, but here’s Paul Resnikoff’s round-up of the CRB denial: Copyright Royalty Board Denies Webcaster Rehearing Request The US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) has now denied motions for a rehearing by internet radio broadcasters, according to documents issued Monday. The broadcasters are protesting a more expensive […]

I heard Joe Kraus (founder of Excite and JotSpot, latter sold last year to Google) speak at a Web 2.0 Expo panel (“Built to Last or Built to Sell: Is There a Difference?”) this afternoon. At the conclusion, John Battelle asked panelists about mistakes they’ve made in past. Joe offered that his biggest at JotSpot […]

Yesterday I outlined the top Music 2.0 websites according to Compete. If one looks to Comscore instead, a slightly different line-up results: Compete ======== 1. Project Playlist 2. imeem 3. 4. Pandora 5. PureVolume Comscore ======== 1. imeem 2. Pandora 3. Project Playlist 4. 5. PureVolume Here’s the trend: Comscore metrics may be […]

I’d been using Alexaholic (now Statsaholic), which provides (provided) a nice way to present comparative reach and pageview figures for websites. But Alexa apparently had some problems with their using the info and now the service isn’t fully functional. So today I investigated the key players in the social music (or Music 2.0) sector on […]

I’ve been remiss in outlining my 5 reasons why the proposed internet radio royalties for the “performance of a digital sound recording” are, well, not great and will, if not clarified and revised, destroy the legitimate webcasting industry (that is, an industry from which labels and artists can derive payment), at least in the US […]