The meta-network arrives?


I wrote last fall about what I saw/see as the future of social media — namely, that everyone will have an online identity and primary profile, and various services ‘play well’ with that profile.

While it appears OpenID is the leader for establishing one’s online identity, today’s announcement that Mozilla Labs will be integrating an open social network service with access to friends’ profiles within Firefox, is huge. This obviously could undermine the prospects of proprietary, ad-based social networks. OTOH, it offers a fantastic way for a person and his/her friends to connect through and share a wide variety of content (photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, URLs from, blogs from WordPress, etc).

I’d wondered a while back why some entity didn’t create a simple, open social network that outsourced all its key features to best-of-breed providers (as above), perhaps taking advantage of AdSense to generate a bit of revenue on the side to support development and integration with such providers.

Though it’s still early, I think Coop could be the answer.


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