Somebody by Depeche Mode (1984)


Continuing my early 80s, post-punk fascination, I just listened to Somebody again. I’ve not really listened to Depeche in a big way for quite a while now but, damn, this song is amazing. I recalled that I once said that I wanted to play this track as the first song at my wedding reception one day — admittedly, this may still be a ways off but it would be spot-on. It even sounds like there’s people chatting and clinking in the background. It’s a beautiful song.

Perhaps a bit cheesy, but I love it.


2 Responses to “Somebody by Depeche Mode (1984)”

  1. I love it, but for some reason the live version from 101 gets me even more. Maybe it’s the digital reverb they put on Gahan’s voice, maybe it’s the screaming crowd the whole time, I dunno. Certainly gives me tingles.

  2. Yeah, agree – the live version is pretty amazing.

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