What’s the biggest Music 2.0 website?


I’d been using Alexaholic (now Statsaholic), which provides (provided) a nice way to present comparative reach and pageview figures for websites. But Alexa apparently had some problems with their using the info and now the service isn’t fully functional.

So today I investigated the key players in the social music (or Music 2.0) sector on a competing offering called, er, Compete. When I last looked on Alexaholic, Last.fm was still on top but imeem was closing fast. It appears now that there’s an even newer kid on the block, called Project Playlist. Here’s the top 5 based on my knowledge of the sector (please let me know if I’ve overlooked any key players in this same league):

And here’s the next 5:

And here’s the remaining 4 I’m tracking that are above the 10k/month threshold (again, per Compete.com):

The biggest gainer of all is, without a doubt, Project Playlist. imeem has come out of nowhere since last summer to top even Last.fm. And iLike and The Hype Machine are also on impressive trajectories.


3 Responses to “What’s the biggest Music 2.0 website?”

  1. 1 mobbery

    Haystack.com might be in the running soon. They had 750% growth last month.

  2. 2 sutros

    I would also like to add http://sutros.com
    It might be just a beginning, but, unlike most of the sites that were stated, it focuses on helping musicians, and promoting their music through the creative commons.

  1. 1 The top 20 social networks « Sampled + Sorted

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