New trance


As the British press (or at least NME) hailed Klaxons and New Young Pony Club as the vanguard of New Rave last year, it seemed to me only natural that that most-disdained of electronic music genres – trance – would too rise again. As music and fashion seem to follow a roughly 20-year cycle, and the rave scene celebrates its 20-year anniversary this summer (I think Wikipedia is off by 1 year here, actually), the coming of new rave could have been predicted.

But trance? It seems too soon. It wasn’t even a decade ago that trance turned from a fantastic underground genre to a cheesy, pop-infused shadow of its former self. But trance arguably emerged in 1990 so its origin is hot on the heels of rave – and supposedly these cycles are getting shorter. So it is that I mentioned half-jokingly to a friend a few weeks ago that we will in due course hear of “new trance”.

In scanning the electronic section of eMusic today, I came across an April 2nd article by Philip Sherburne entitled – you guessed it – The New Trance. I’m a big fan of Philip and have followed his critiques across eMusic, Earplug, Pitchfork and SF Weekly for quite a while now. And, admittedly, I was (ok, am still) a fan of good trance from back in the day.

So I was pleased to come across this, and Phillip’s picks are spot-on. Read his review, sign up for eMusic and check out his selections. Here’s my two favorites from amongst those mentioned, both from Sven Vath’s Cocoon Compilation F from last year: Full Range Madness by Gregor Tresher, and Every Morning by Andreas Kauffelt. (Tom, you’ll even like these ; ) )


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