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The implications of this decision are huge and dovetail with some of my thoughts last fall. I’m excited to see an open network emerge, as both a consumer of social media and an observer of competitive strategy in the sector. I wonder if MySpace will be forced to change its current position on third-party widgets? […]

This track seems to be blowing up and showing up on a lot of MP3 blogs. I liked Gimme Fiction, their last album in 2005 (actually hadn’t known them prior). This is the first from their new release, apparently, and I’ve heard references to Phillip Glass and “minimalist outing” and “relentless piano” and “Chopsticks” — […]

I’ve come to like Twitter.  There’s no way I’d put up with receiving messages by phone (at least as disruptive texts, fine if presented as “river” on mobile browser) but mobile, IM or web are all great ways to input stream-of-consciousness mini-posts to my blog. I enjoy blogging music as it’s a favorite topic and […]

Just came across this on eMusic, released about a year ago.  I guess I’d thought dubstep largely similar to grime, but I learned differently from a quick primer on Wikipedia: Like another garage hybrid, grime, the genre [dubstep] uses dark sounds, but differs from grime in being largely instrumental. If this album is representative of […] as art


I’m a big fan of  Artist Lee Byron takes the scrobbling of his listening patterns and turns it into a nice visual.  Not particularly useful but cool anyway.

Just sent a tweet on this but thought I’d blog. I heard this great track — perfect summer fare — at, of all places, local Lower Nob Hill dive The Summer Place. This track has been heavily sampled over the years; I have a version of (or a track that samples) it on at least […]

As many of you probably know, Washington state representative Jay Inslee and 8 co-sponsors introduced the Internet Radio Equality Act (H.R. 2060) a week ago yesterday, a development covered well by Kurt Hanson and Rags. The passage of this bill would save the nascent internet radio sector from an unfortunate fate as a result of […]