Distant Lights by Burial (2006)


Just came across this on eMusic, released about a year ago.  I guess I’d thought dubstep largely similar to grime, but I learned differently from a quick primer on Wikipedia:

Like another garage hybrid, grime, the genre [dubstep] uses dark sounds, but differs from grime in being largely instrumental.

If this album is representative of dubstep, I want to hear more of the genre. Dark and discordant but emotional in a way that reminds me of elements of Goldie’s Timeless from 12 years ago, this is great stuff and so very urban London.

My favorite track so far is the 2nd on the album, Distant Lights. Here’s part of the review of the album, from eMusic:

Throughout the last five years, a quiet, reclusive south London producer sat in his bedroom dreaming. He dreamt of jungle’s embers and UK garage’s heyday and mourned their passing. To console himself, he took the most rudimentary of studio equipment — a simple audio editor — and poured his heart into it. The intricate rhythmic and textural results became Burial’s eponymous debut album.

By laying his sorrow bare, Burial touched people, reaching an audience no one would ever have anticipated dubstep — a dark, post-UK garage niche — could reach. What began in his bedroom in south London ended up celebrated in national newspapers and rock press end-of-year Top Tens.

Burial by Burial (2006)


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