Another use for Twitter


I’ve come to like Twitter.  There’s no way I’d put up with receiving messages by phone (at least as disruptive texts, fine if presented as “river” on mobile browser) but mobile, IM or web are all great ways to input stream-of-consciousness mini-posts to my blog.

I enjoy blogging music as it’s a favorite topic and expounding on it usually has contextual value (for me as I write and hopefully for a few others  as they read).  I’d thought of posting about the films I watch or like but, realistically, I don’t really have the time.

So it occurred to me that I might use Twitter instead for a mini-review of films.  I seem to recall that some critic from the Village Voice (I thought, though couldn’t track down via Google or Wikipedia) used to do this to amusing effect; I doubt I’ll be as amusing but at least can create recs for friends and a record for myself.


5 Responses to “Another use for Twitter”

  1. what’s your twitter id?

  2. 2 charles373


    I have been playing with Twitter too, (all notifications turned off!) and have been using an app that combines it with your music player – TwittyTunes and FoxyTunes

    Makes it much easier to feed that stream of activities to your Twitter profile…



    (twitter ID is capaferro)

  3. Hi Tom – it’s davidporter

  4. Chuck – I saw this. Pretty cool feature. I’ve used it once or twice already.

  5. 5 sbsgator

    Not only that, but unless you have “all you can eat” texting, receiving your twits by phone can get a wee bit expensive. I’ve heard several stories of people ending up with enormous phone bills the month after becoming hooked on twitter.

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