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Of my 5 reasons internet royalties suck, SoundExchange has now offered to address #4 and 5 for webcasters, arguably the two most egregious aspects of the CRB decision back in March. I’m not terribly surprised by this because these were truly show-stoppers for the sector. And it is an encouraging start. First, small webcasters. SX […]

Some 3 1/2 months back I wrote a post entitled “5 reasons internet radio royalties suck” and I’ve not yet rounded out the 4th and 5th in the series so will do so here. Quick summary on 1-3: the basis for the *already* high rates set for 2001-05 was a single deal struck by Yahoo […]

As usual, receipt of Earplug was followed by some random downloading and the results were excellent, including this late 2006 track, Bedford by Stephan Bodzin. I’m unsure whether the reference is to Bedford the town, neighborhood, or street. Either way it’s a great track. I gotta get over to Berlin sometime soon.

I should have waited a few extra days before posting the top 20 music 2.0 site figures; Compete updated its numbers for May in the last few days. Usefully, the charts inserted below automatically update so I won’t re-post, but there’s some interesting observations for May: Project Playlist is now over 7m uniques and may […]

In mid-April, I posted several comparative charts ranking the top music 2.0 websites. I updated my list last night to see how things have progressed. A few findings: Project Playlist and imeem continue to dominate by a LOT. PP has 6.2m uniques, now >10X the size of my former employer, Live365 imeem, Warner suit notwithstanding, […]

Fred Wilson posted yesterday about the opportunity around free, ad-based streaming of music. I agree with him for the most part, although I do think there could be a good market in downloads too (at least until true mobile broadband becomes ubiquitous), particularly if DRM is removed, prices are lowered, and sales are tightly linked […]