The top 2-0 in music 2.0 (update)


In mid-April, I posted several comparative charts ranking the top music 2.0 websites. I updated my list last night to see how things have progressed. A few findings:

  • Project Playlist and imeem continue to dominate by a LOT. PP has 6.2m uniques, now >10X the size of my former employer, Live365
  • imeem, Warner suit notwithstanding, is at nearly 5m and growing more quickly than PP (27% month-on-month vs 14%)
  •, purchased last week for $280m, is 28% the size of imeem (although I don’t think one could value imeem at a cool $1bn, given its legal situation and what will likely be needed to remedy it)
  • OTOH, and Pandora are growing relatively more slowly (5-6%) than these newer players
  • I added a few companies I’d overlooked last time, including Dizzler, which looks similar to Project Playlist and is currently 8th, just behind iLike
  • Perhaps the most impressive gainer is finetune, which grew by 133% in April

As before, please let me know if there are others in same range that I should be including.

Here’s the rankings, charted:


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