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There’s some interesting changes this time round: — As expected, Project Playlist is now just shy of 8m users — iLike is now ahead of (1.6m to 1.4m) per Compete, clearly attributable to Facebook It’s late so I’ll refrain from further comment but here’s the charts: For some reason, next charts won’t work. Will […]

imeem + Warner


I’ve been pretty skeptical of the potential for a free, ad-supported model for on-demand streaming. There’s a lot of folks doing it these days — from Project Playlist and The Hype Machine (that link to existing files on the internet) to imeem and lala (that host content on their own servers). Of course, Rhapsody and […]

Hack 1: Use your Google account to host MP3s To share a track in your MP3 collection on your webpage (e.g. Facebook profile, WordPress blog), you need a server to upload the file to (or a server that already hosts that file). I’d been using YouSendIt for this purpose but a free account times-out after […]