The top 20 music 2.0 sites — July 2007


That was a quick month – I’ve not been blogging much as just moved (from SF to NYC). The top 20 sites for July are below. Highlights:

  • First down month for Project Playlist (summer vacation, I’d guess)
  • Pandora jumped 37%, now ahead of — but both still trail iLike
  • Also grew by > 1/3: Seeqpod, Haystack, Virb, The Hype Machine, MOG


6 Responses to “The top 20 music 2.0 sites — July 2007”

  1. David, these are good stats but one crucial thing is missing: there are many music2.0 companies that don’t get tracked via or alexa because their traffic is mainly de-central, i.e. via WIGDETS. Like my own đŸ˜‰ Tracking widget traffic and use across all networks will be tough compared to page views and users.

  2. Have you looked at what happened to cause those that were up by over a third to be up so fast? These graphs are great but they leave me asking so many questions!

  3. Gerd, totally agree, and I’d expect an increasing amount of usage of music 2.0 sites to be happening ‘on the edges’ on 3rd party websites, socialnet profiles and blogs. I seem to recall reading recently (I think on Fred Wilson’s blog) that Comscore or similar will soon be tracking widget activity. It’d be great to be able to compare all sites apples-and-apples, contemplating both on-site and off-site usage.

    I think best example of the issue you mention is iLike; they’re #3 here but supposedly > 1/2 of their total activity happens exclusively on Facebook!

  4. Rightsight,

    I’m not sure on why those up by > 1/3 were so although I do think Virb’s role a social network aids its growth. It’s also been created by the same guys behind PureVolume, as I understand it, and personally, I think the UI is really compelling.

    Seeqpod is from some Berkeley grad students so there’s probably good WOM out here in SF amongst ‘digerati’ or whatever; they also do pretty much the same thing as Project Playlist (#1 and pretty clearly illegal) but with a more sophisticated approach to scraping sites.

    The sudden growth in some of the others was surprising. For example, I like THM and MOG but, in the absense of any new features or partnerships that would explain the bump, it does raise a bit of a red flag about the validity of Compete’s figures. OTOH, Compete is supposed to be superior in its approach. Perhaps a comparison with Quantcast and Alexa would be helpful.

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