Top 20 music 2.0 sites — Nov 2007


I hadn’t updated my ranking of ‘music 2.0’ sites in 4 months (though the graphs themselves automatically update when embedded here) so thought it’d be useful to review.  Here’s the results for November, per Compete. 

  • PP and imeem continue to lead the pack (see first graph below, #1-5) although have dropped considerably since last summer (not clear why unless perhaps an adverse impact from Facebook attention).  iLike overtook Pandora and on the strength of its FB application, and these totals exclude the usage on FB itself.  (OTOH, these totals also exclude’s international usage, as I understand it, which likely represents a significant portion of their user base.)
  • Live365 (my old employer) continues to generate usage in the 500k range, while traffic at Pure Volume continues to decline. Most impressive in the second set (#6-10) is Garageband’s jump – which I’m guessing is attributable to traffic being directed from links on iLike or the iLike FB application (since both are owned by the Partovis) – and MOG’s steady progress.  I reckon MOG will see a further boost over the next month or 2 as has just rolled out a site re-design.  Traffic at Dizzler, an MP3 search engine similar to PP,  has fallen substantially.
  • The big newcomer in the #11-15 range is Qloud, which launched in the summer and also features the #2 FB app for music (called “My Music”). The Hype Machine’s new site looks to have supported growth, while both Finetune and have dropped off in traffic since July.
  • In the last set (#15-20), Seeqpod, another PP-like service but with a savvy media crawling engine built at Berkeley, and MyStrands have seen a bit of growth. launched in the summer and has been up and down. Lala looks to be at about the same level of traffic as in January.

As always, lemme know if I’m missing any key services and I’ll include them next time.


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