Top 20 music sites – March 2008

14May08 launched its own ranking of top music sites, probably saving me a lot of work going forward. Helpfully, the new rankings also include the music subdomains on Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, and MSN. They’re still missing a few of the smaller sites, but I reckon they’ll add the others in due course.

Upshot is that imeem now tops Yahoo, and Eliot Van Buskirk has a nice rundown on some of the reasons for the shift away from Yahoo. Here’s the ranking:


9 Responses to “Top 20 music sites – March 2008”

  1. 1 lucasgonze

    Note that after fixing the data imeem is 11th in uniques, aol is 1st and y! is 2nd. This is a huge difference, though the correction has been much less newsworthy than the initial incorrect story.

  2. Lucas – interesting, I hadn’t seen that. I went back to the original URL but didn’t see this. Can you send URL?

    Btw, I enjoyed your post on SAI and I of course recall you from Webjay. We must meet sometime!

  3. 3 lucasgonze

    See 5/19 update on : “ComScore’s numbers contradict Compete’s, showing that AOL Music in the top slot with 21.9 million visitors, Yahoo Music in second with nearly 20.8 million visitors and imeem in 11th.”

    It’s a small world for internet music people, looking forward to running into you..

  4. Ah got it – thx! Look fwd to meeting you soon.

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