Mix Feed for listeners + Comments for DJs


We just launched 2 great new pages aimed at giving both listeners and DJs an easy way to review “new stuff” of interest on 8tracks.  (Re-posting from company blog at http://8tracks.tumblr.com/ as not sure how to do automatically yet.)

For listeners:

We now offer a Tumblr-like “mix feed” that serves up, on 1 page, all new mixes by people you follow on 8tracks.  (Click the big “+ Follow” button next to a DJ’s pic to follow him/her.)  This mix feed is, in effect, your personal “station” — programmed by people whose taste you trust — and now lives on your homepage (if you’re logged in and are following at least 1 person).

For DJs:

We now offer a dedicated Comments page that aggregates all of the comments a DJ receives on his/her mixes.  Previously, a DJ had to click into each of his mixpages to see if anyone had left comments.  This often meant that DJs didn’t notice new comments on a timely basis.  Now, you won’t miss a comment.  (We’ll provide an in-line Reply option from this page soon.)

Check ‘em out and let us know what you think.


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