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I’ve been playing around with Tumblr. While I’m no doubt a bit late to the whole tumblelog concept, I’m definitely liking the casual-ness of it. No need to formal titles, ready ability to add different content types, and useful integration of feeds from other social apps (, twitter and, in fact, wordpress). It also looks […]

Music & media: favorites, discovery, ventures & valuation Why invest time in a blog? I guess primarily so that I can wax poetic on subjects about which I’ve some level of knowledge (or at least interest). Even without an audience, I suspect this will be a useful personal record and good exercise in chrystalizing my […]

Day one


OK, I’ve been meaning to get my blog going for quite a while now. As my comp’d and largely unused TypePad account will be expiring soon, and I’m shamelessly eager to join the open source bandwagon on most fronts, I thought I’d give WordPress a try. So it begins…