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There’s a subtle but important distinction between what 8tracks offers as compared with what or Pandora provide. I enjoy both and Pandora and have written about them in the past.  Both deliver a radio-style experience that is personalized based on one’s preferences, as captured explicitly (I enter the name of an artist) or […]

As usual, receipt of Earplug was followed by some random downloading and the results were excellent, including this late 2006 track, Bedford by Stephan Bodzin. I’m unsure whether the reference is to Bedford the town, neighborhood, or street. Either way it’s a great track. I gotta get over to Berlin sometime soon.

This track seems to be blowing up and showing up on a lot of MP3 blogs. I liked Gimme Fiction, their last album in 2005 (actually hadn’t known them prior). This is the first from their new release, apparently, and I’ve heard references to Phillip Glass and “minimalist outing” and “relentless piano” and “Chopsticks” — […]

Just came across this on eMusic, released about a year ago.  I guess I’d thought dubstep largely similar to grime, but I learned differently from a quick primer on Wikipedia: Like another garage hybrid, grime, the genre [dubstep] uses dark sounds, but differs from grime in being largely instrumental. If this album is representative of […]

Just sent a tweet on this but thought I’d blog. I heard this great track — perfect summer fare — at, of all places, local Lower Nob Hill dive The Summer Place. This track has been heavily sampled over the years; I have a version of (or a track that samples) it on at least […]

The original was one of my favorite tracks of 2006.  The Dead Horse EP that came out last month included this excellent remix.  I came across it prior to proper release via (once again) The Hype Machine, which led me to this post by Preston Craig. Despite a bad cold, I made it out for […]

New trance


As the British press (or at least NME) hailed Klaxons and New Young Pony Club as the vanguard of New Rave last year, it seemed to me only natural that that most-disdained of electronic music genres – trance – would too rise again. As music and fashion seem to follow a roughly 20-year cycle, and […]