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I read FB’s announcement yesterday and thought it was mildly interesting: getting companies to create their own profiles on FB and then allowing them to place “Social Ads” next to feed entries that (organically) relate to a company’s product or service. Nice ideas but (1) the company-with-profile isn’t really a new concept, and (2) the […]

I posted a week or 2 back about the biggest Music 2.0 websites. Some of the results were surprising. One of the biggest — imeem — is really a social network (as is, and I wondered how it stacked up against other social networking sites, which frequently also have some music component. So I […]

Yesterday I outlined the top Music 2.0 websites according to Compete. If one looks to Comscore instead, a slightly different line-up results: Compete ======== 1. Project Playlist 2. imeem 3. 4. Pandora 5. PureVolume Comscore ======== 1. imeem 2. Pandora 3. Project Playlist 4. 5. PureVolume Here’s the trend: Comscore metrics may be […]

I’d been using Alexaholic (now Statsaholic), which provides (provided) a nice way to present comparative reach and pageview figures for websites. But Alexa apparently had some problems with their using the info and now the service isn’t fully functional. So today I investigated the key players in the social music (or Music 2.0) sector on […]

I wrote last fall about what I saw/see as the future of social media — namely, that everyone will have an online identity and primary profile, and various services ‘play well’ with that profile. While it appears OpenID is the leader for establishing one’s online identity, today’s announcement that Mozilla Labs will be integrating an […]

I’m a big fan of the the meta-network concept and it gets coverage in a story by Brad Stone in today’s NYT. I’m really interested in giving Ning another go now…