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Last month, I swapped my personal blogging over to Tumblr. I may still post the occasional “essay” over here, but the short multimedia posting action on Tumblr seems the right fit for now. Check it out here.



As many of you know, I’ve been focused on a new digital music venture for about 2 years now, starting with a pretty “web 1.0” path (write business plan, create financial model, talk to VCs) and subsequently wising up to a more pragmatic approach (tap friends and 401k, build and iterate on product, attract people […]

While I’m on this list-making tip, I just noticed SAI is now tracking the most valuable digital startups. This is a useful list and includes details on how the valuations were estimated. I like the fact that the list is global and features some surprises, at least for me: FB and Wikipedia top the list […]

I wrote on Wed about the notion of “total attention” as a useful metric by which to evaluate music or other websites — but didn’t explain my thinking or actually run the numbers. As so many have written over the last decade, a large and growing proportion of GDP comprises products and services that are […]

If one assumes advertising (or other sorts of attention-based business models) will be the primary driver of revenues for online music services — or really any online services — then a total measure of attention is useful in establishing the value of the service. I’ve generally presented music sites ranked by “people” (’s version of […]

A bit off-topic but I’m annoyed. I’m a big fan of Apple. In years past, I’ve subscribed to .Mac though of late haven’t really seen much benefit. I noticed the annual charge came through on my bank account last week. No notice was given in advance, but I called Apple’s customer support team and they […]