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We just launched 2 great new pages aimed at giving both listeners and DJs an easy way to review “new stuff” of interest on 8tracks.  (Re-posting from company blog at as not sure how to do automatically yet.) For listeners: We now offer a Tumblr-like “mix feed” that serves up, on 1 page, all […]

There’s a subtle but important distinction between what 8tracks offers as compared with what or Pandora provide. I enjoy both and Pandora and have written about them in the past.  Both deliver a radio-style experience that is personalized based on one’s preferences, as captured explicitly (I enter the name of an artist) or […] launched its own ranking of top music sites, probably saving me a lot of work going forward. Helpfully, the new rankings also include the music subdomains on Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, and MSN. They’re still missing a few of the smaller sites, but I reckon they’ll add the others in due course. Upshot is that […]

While I’m on this list-making tip, I just noticed SAI is now tracking the most valuable digital startups. This is a useful list and includes details on how the valuations were estimated. I like the fact that the list is global and features some surprises, at least for me: FB and Wikipedia top the list […]

Based on the definition of total attention in my last post, I thought it’d be interesting to rank the top 10 music sites. To do so, I multiplied “visits” by “pages/visit” (both per Assuming these numbers are accurate, the product is the total page views served up in a month and should give a […]

I wrote on Wed about the notion of “total attention” as a useful metric by which to evaluate music or other websites — but didn’t explain my thinking or actually run the numbers. As so many have written over the last decade, a large and growing proportion of GDP comprises products and services that are […]

If one assumes advertising (or other sorts of attention-based business models) will be the primary driver of revenues for online music services — or really any online services — then a total measure of attention is useful in establishing the value of the service. I’ve generally presented music sites ranked by “people” (’s version of […]