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I haven’t updated the music 2.0 rankings for quite a while. There’s some very cool (albeit legally questionable) new players on the horizon (Muxtape and Mixwit), and several existing sites have demonstrated serious growth (like Qloud, just acquired by Buzznet, and Jango, which seems to have come out of nowhere). This time round, I’ve dropped […]

I’ve been playing around with Tumblr. While I’m no doubt a bit late to the whole tumblelog concept, I’m definitely liking the casual-ness of it. No need to formal titles, ready ability to add different content types, and useful integration of feeds from other social apps (, twitter and, in fact, wordpress). It also looks […]

A research report from AccuStream, published yesterday, found that total listening hours (“TLH”) for the internet radio sector in 2007 were 4,850,000,000 — a 26% increase over 2006. And I suspect this is only for the US so would exclude, for instance, a large part of the listening on Internet radio revenues, however, were […]

Just a quick note:  from the graphs below — see my post from Dec 14th on the top 20 music 2.0 sites, including graphs that automatically update thanks to — it looks like imeem has begun its upward trajectory again and, coupled with another decline at PP, is now in the #1 position. Other […]

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of — it’ll be 2 years ago tomorrow since I first posted about it, and if I weren’t focussed on my own venture, there’s no place I’d rather be working. So yesterday’s announcement is definitely interesting: users of can stream any track up to […]

I hadn’t updated my ranking of ‘music 2.0’ sites in 4 months (though the graphs themselves automatically update when embedded here) so thought it’d be useful to review.  Here’s the results for November, per Compete.  PP and imeem continue to lead the pack (see first graph below, #1-5) although have dropped considerably since last summer […]

I read FB’s announcement yesterday and thought it was mildly interesting: getting companies to create their own profiles on FB and then allowing them to place “Social Ads” next to feed entries that (organically) relate to a company’s product or service. Nice ideas but (1) the company-with-profile isn’t really a new concept, and (2) the […]