Top 25 music sites – March 2008


I haven’t updated the music 2.0 rankings for quite a while. There’s some very cool (albeit legally questionable) new players on the horizon (Muxtape and Mixwit), and several existing sites have demonstrated serious growth (like Qloud, just acquired by Buzznet, and Jango, which seems to have come out of nowhere).

This time round, I’ve dropped the two-point-oh designation and picked up old-schoolers Rhapsody and Napster, increasingly useful now that many services are offering legal on-demand access (e.g. now does on-demand in addition to radio, imeem now is licensed to offer on-demand access). I wanted to include the music offerings from Yahoo, AOL and MSN but can’t seem to get subdomain data.

I’m probably still missing some sites that ought to be on here. I know that MySpace and Buzznet (and, to a lesser extent, the other big social networks, most of which have some sort of music component) could arguably be included too. I’ve kept imeem because music is such a big component to their service; MySpace is the tacit #1 service.

Lastly, I’m not sure what’s up with the retroactive change to imeem’s numbers but it’s now showing a huge increase in prior months over what had previously been reported.


3 Responses to “Top 25 music sites – March 2008”

  1. 1 bypassing

    imeem’s retoractive stats boost brings compete’s stats in line with quantcast’s. Last month imeem ‘got quantified’ and their user numbers tripled, it also showed that while 20 million users visited the site, another 80million saw an imeem player embedded somewhere else around the web.

    Anyway, as far as I’m aware there’s no equivalent at compete so there’s be no change in data collection for the site, only the data analysis. Someone at compete must have decided to change the way imeem was being scored, perhaps at the suggestion of imeem, or perhaps simply because the compete numbers were so different from other sources.

    Or maybe this is someone at compete playing a late April fools joke on you david?

    Then again I thought that muxtape was an april fools joke.

  2. Some more sites to include next round:

    — eMusic (don’t know how I left them off)
    — Skreemr
    — Songza (forgot about them)
    — (recently launched)
    — Grooveshark

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